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• To feel safe, calm and at   ease with/in yourself 

• To build inner resources

• To be engaged and alive in the world

• To be close and stay  connected to others;

 in other words

• To move towards mental and physical well-being



Where do you find yourself?

Sometimes, trying to cope with issues on our own can be overwhelming. Finding a therapist we can relate to and who understands our unique challenges is the first stage of our journey towards resolving them.

Here are some common areas:

• Pressures associated with professional work/life

• Relationships (for example, intimacy and closeness, or isolation and loneliness)

• Training as a therapist

• Separation and loss

• Parenting

• Health and disability

• Cultural dissonance (for example, growing up abroad, family from another country)

If any of these are familiar to you, and you would like to talk about it, please call me to arrange

a meeting.


Professional & business life

"I am looking for a therapist who understands the pressures of the corporate environment."

"I gave up my high-powered career and used to be so confident before I had my children.

Now they are growing up, I need to decide what to do next in my career and I have lost my self-confidence."

"A work colleague/my boss is a bully and I am losing my self-esteem ... ."

"I feel under a lot of pressure at work and it is affecting my health, my family ... ."


Relationships, intimacy & isolation

"I don’t understand why I always seem to end up in the same situation with a partner/friend?"

"Relationships in my family were never good growing up. I hoped that I could learn from this and have better relationships … ."

"I find having a good relationship with my spouse so confusing. We hardly spend time together now; are further apart than ever."

"Although I am surrounded by friends, I feel lonely. I don't feel I can trust anyone to talk about my problems. I feel isolated and caught up in a vicious cycle."

"We fight all the time. I’m exhausted and depressed - I can’t seem to get anything right. I’m afraid of the impact this is having on our children."


Student trainee

"I know my personal therapy is unique in informing the kind of therapist I will become."

"I am looking for a therapist who understands the importance of my development. Someone who will help me with issues stirred up by the training. Someone who will support me in following my own path ... ."


Separation and loss

"My mother died many years ago but I still feel all weak and crumpling inside ... I want to move on from this."

"I cry very easily, especially when I hear about someone leaving or dying."

"Other people cry when someone close to them dies.  I just don’t feel anything."

"I know many of my struggles today stem back from my boarding school days .... "

"Our child is sick and we (my partner and I) can’t seem to talk to each other, be there for each other.

I feel all alone engulfed in grief and fear." 


Parenting and first-time parents

"I love being a mum and feel torn about returning back to work."

"I am proud to be a dad who looks after my children ... but I worry about how other people might view me."

"I gave up my high-powered career to be at home with my children - which in my heart feels the right thing for my family. But I struggle all the same ... ."

"Everyone around me seems to be enjoying being a Mom/a Dad. Me, I have these bad feelings, feel ashamed and guilty to speak about how I feel."

"I feel haunted by bad feelings when I am with my child. I can’t understand why or what is happening sometimes ... no one told me how lonely it is … ."


Difficulties in the body, illness and disability

"I am looking for a therapist who understands there is a strong connection between body and mind."

"I have these physical symptoms. My doctor says they can find nothing wrong with me. I've tried everything. I feel stupid, guilty ... am I making it up?"

"I am recovering from a serious illness, but I’m still anxious, can’t relax." 

"I am struggling because I have lost some physical functions."


Cultural history, growing up abroad, family from another country

"I am looking for a therapist who understands what it feels like to move to/live in another country."

"I feel at odds with my own wishes growing up in the UK and those of my parents who are from another country."

"Although I have lived in the UK a long time, I still miss home and I worry how it affects my family."

"Thich Nhat Hanh says, 'Does the rose have to do something? No, the purpose of a rose is to be a rose. Your purpose is to be yourself.' … How do we endure the pain, at times, of being our selves to find our self …"

     --- Jennifer Rodriguez

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