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• To feel safe, calm and at   ease with/in yourself 

• To build inner resources

• To be engaged and alive in the world

• To be close and stay  connected to others;

 in other words

• To move towards mental and physical well-being



In practice

Upholding the values of inclusiveness of the Bowlby Centre, I work with a diverse group of clients.

So whether you are an adult, a couple or a therapist in training of whatever national or ethnic origin, religion or none, sexuality and social class, you may be weighing up two related questions: Is therapy right for me? How can I be sure of a good result?


Getting started with me

Only you can decide if therapy - and with me - is right for you.

There is no right way to begin - it is all about you and where you find yourself now in you life.

Evidence suggests that the key to a successful outcome is the quality of the relationship between the therapist and the client. Finding the right kind of professional support can be confusing.  So how can you be sure that you would form a trusting relationship with me?  The first step is for us to meet and find out if we experience, or if we feel we could form, a 'connection'.

To help, I provide an initial consultation held over one to three sessions. It gives us an opportunity to get to know each other and talk through your situation.  Having this time together is important.  It allows us to explore the nature of your difficulties, your current needs and what you are hoping to gain. It also helps us to discover if what I offer is right for you. If we both feel hopeful about the relationship, we can agree how best to work together. For example, whether the work will be short-term or open-ended, and how often we should meet.


How long is a therapy session?

A regular therapy session with an individual is 50 minutes, and 60 minutes with a couple. Regular sessions are at the same agreed time every week. Occasionally depending on the nature of the work we are doing, for example, when Sensorimotor Psychotherapy or Energy Psychology methods are used, we may decide to schedule longer sessions.


Your process and needs are unique

Your reasons for coming to therapy in the first place, your personal circumstances and what you are hoping to achieve influence the duration and frequency of sessions.

Short-term work focuses on a specific issue concerning you right now. Open-ended work addresses more complex difficulties that have been with you for some time.

I work in a manner that aims to address deeper underlying causes of the issue. Addressing a symptom only, whilst affording immediate relief, is usually not enough to sustain long-lasting change.

The minimum commitment is to meet once a week, with the exception of Energy Psychotherapy.

If you are interested in Energy Psychotherapy only, please call me.


A private and confidential business

Psychotherapy is a private and confidential business. Confidentiality is vital to the creation of safety and trust between you and me.  With couples, confidentiality is shared amongst the three of us.

This means that our sessions are confidential, within the bounds of UK law. I adhere to the UKCP’s Ethical Principles and Code of Professional Conduct and the BACP Ethical Framework for good practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy. This includes having regular supervision with other experienced professional psychotherapists.




"Core belief is part of the fabric of who we are: laid down at a time when we are without words to describe how we experience ourselves - the learning of that young pre-verbal part of ourselves - and then how our early developing mind-body-energy shapes that belief, sustains that belief - embodies that belief, is that belief."

     --- Jennifer Rodriguez quoting Pat Ogden

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